How often should I charge my electric razor?

2013 January 23
by admin

Question by E S: How often should I charge my electric razor?
I just bought a Remington DA 307 electric razor. However it dosn’t have a low battery light and the manual dosn’t tell me how often I should charge it. So if anyone knows from experience please tell me how often I should be charging it?

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Answer by Paul in San Diego
Charge it when the batteries are low (it begins to bog down). The rechargeable batteries in it are probably nickel-cadnium, which means they’ll develop a “discharge memory”. This is where you discharge the batteries to, say, 50% of their full discharge and over time the batteries will only hold a charge for that long. If you always let them discharge all the way to where they won’t operate the razor any more, the next discharge will last as long as it’s supposed to.

If you do get the batteries into a short discharge cycle, you can restore the long discharge cycle by giving the razor a few full discharge cycles. Turn the razor on and let it run until it just quits completely. Then give it a full charge (at least 16 hours). Then completely discharge it again. So this a few times and it restors the batteries’ discharge “memory”.

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